21 Days Morning and Night Moisturizing Essence [C1164]
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Green: Good Morning Moisturizing Essence
Blue: Good Night Moisturizing Essence

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1.It resists aging, resists blue light, increases skin self-repairing ability, nourishes and repairs for 21 days at night, creates beautiful skin and gives skin care at night.
2.Contains a variety of nourishing and brightening ingredients, soothes and repairs the skin, improves skin elasticity, skin is firm and rejuvenates.
3.Deep into the bottom of skin, repair and revitalize young skin.
4.Promote nutrition, absorb and reproduce skin elasticity.
5.Contains nicotinamide, multiple moisturizing factors skin is more hydrated.
6.Main ingredients: Fucus, sodium hyaluronate, water, etc.

Type: Face serum
Skin Type: All skin types
Weight: 2ml 
Gender: Unisex

Product Highlight
1.Adds moisture to dry and dehydrated skin
2.Gently nourishes and creates radiant, soft, and supple skin
3. A variety of moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing, leaving skin firm and smooth
4. Keeps skin hydrated, reaches oil-water balance, fully absorbs nourishing essence
5. Apply before bed, repair your skin while you are sleeping, improve skin vitality in 21 days

How to use
1.Clean and dry face
2.Open the packaging bag, apply essence evenly on face
3.Gently massage the essence on face to absorb

Green: Good Morning Moisturizing Essence
Blue: Good Night Moisturizing Essence

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