IMAGES Whitening Spray & LUOFMISS Sleeping Mask [C604 C1137]
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Hydrating Spray
Applicable parts: Body, Face, Hand, Feet
Suitable for skin type: Any skin type
Shelf life : 3 Years Product

1. Whitening skin
2. Water resistant with Broad Spectrum protection against sunburn, skin cancer and premature signs of aging
3. Protects longer in the sun,keep moisture.prevent sweat
4. Convenient size travels with you for protection touch-ups during the day
5. Can be used on wet skin, complete don't hinder the prevent bask in effect
6. Use more calm makeup the effect after makeup
7. Fully transparent, refreshing, skin zero burden
8. spray on the hair/clothes are completely not a trace (completely no white dots)

The use of light feeling, not oily and have gloss, Dry and refreshing spray has a defense ultraviolet (uv) and is not affected by sweat and sebum, make makeup last longer.

How to use:
Shake well, after about 20 cm away from the skin around the location of the spray, spray after take a shot with the hand, absorption is good. It is that simple, convenient to carry This is isolation protection spray, so does not have any Sun protection factor (SPF).

This product not so suitable for people with hyper sensitive skin. Before you it, please apply a small amount on you back of your hand or behind the ear. If any redness or itchiness please immediately stop using it.

LUOFMISS Sleeping Mask
Product category: sleep-free
Shelf life: three years
Net content: 2ml (g/ml)

Cosmetic effects: shrink pores, moisturize and moisturize skin

How to use:
1. Wash your face
2. Putting the essence on your face
3. Go to sleep, wash your face again next morning

STOP IMMEDIATELY when any irritation upon usage.



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