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❆ Can be used dry, damp or wet and with or without cleaning chemicals.
❆ Strong absorbent, wipe the desktop, quickly dry.
❆ No water mark, lint free.
❆ Soft material, not scratch the surface.
❆ Best cleaning tools for kitchen, car,bathroom, bowl, dish, pot and so on.

Product Type: Fish Scale Kitchen Cloth
Material: Microfiber
Size: 25cm x 25cm
Quantity: Price for 1 unitSize: 25cm x 25cm

We will ship out random mix colors (you may receive repeat colors depends on our color stock availability)


Application Scenarios:Household
Minimalist Process:Machine Weaving
Fabric Minor Component:Polyester Fiber(Polyester)
Series:Cartoon Series
Cleaning Type:Machine Washable
Size:Semi-Circular 40x80cm
Suitable:Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom


Cat Ball Point Pen

- Plastic
- Fan Pen
- Blue Ink
- High quality + new


Carrot Ball Point Pen

- Plastic
- 0.5mm
- Black Gel Ink
- High quality + new


【Self-Wringing Mop】
• Forget about wet hands and dirty water! By simply sliding the bar upwards and downwards, you can wring the water and dirt in a minute!
• The improved self-wringing mechanism of this floor mop is easy, fast and allows you gain efficiency without the hassle.

【360 Rotate Mop Head】
• Flexible 360 swivel microfiber mop head move freely in all directions, making it effortless to reach under sofa, furniture and more narrow space!
• With the collapsible design, the dust mop can stand on its own and is compact enough to fit in a tight utility closet.

【Reusable Microfiber Pad】
• The microfiber mop pad easily picks up dust, dirt, pet hair, dust balls and stains on your floor.
• The reusable floor cleaner mop pad can be machine washed, which saves your money on disposable pads and protects our environment.

【Lightweight & Heavy Duty】
• With the heavy-duty aluminum alloy handle, the hardwood floor mop is tested to be sturdy and durable.
• The lightweight microfiber floor mop is easy for people in any age to operate on various floors such as vinyl, hardwood, title and laminate floors.

- Free x 2 Mop Pad
- Color Blue

1. Flat Mop Set (Free x2 Mop Pad)
2. Mop Pad Only (4pcs)

Grip = Stainless Steel
Head = Engineering Plastic

Overall Rod  = 141.5cm
Panel = 35x11cm
(Size may have slightly inaccuracy due to hand measure)

 Ready Stock Malaysia



- Latest design for floor cleaning solution
- Made from fine selected durable material
- Special design container which have self clean and self dry function.
- Washing or dring the mop pad without touching your hand. save time & save labor.
 Easy to assemble, lightweight and durable
- Super absorbent & efficient at trapping dirt and even hair
- Flexible spinning mop disc which could reach into most corners and angle which are hard to reach with conventional mops

- Free x 2 Mop Pad
- Color Khaki + Grey

Grip = Stainless Steel
Head = Engineering Plastic

Overall Rod  = 120cm
Panel = 33x12cm
Bucket = 17x20x36cm
(Size may have slightly inaccuracy due to hand measure)

 Ready Stock Malaysia



Protect yourself and your family. Start with a proper hygiene. For external use only.

100% Original & direct from manufacturer Contain: 75% alcohol, according to medical approval that can kills germs!

Formulation kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, fungus and virus Effective protection Antibacterial, antifungal, and virucidal against an array of microorganisms


Suitable use for family and kids Outdoor & indoor use

- Kills 99.9% of germs without water
- 75% Denatured Ethanol
- Fragrance free
- No colouring
- Non Sticky
- Finishing Moisturising (Aloe Vera Extracts)




Pillow Case

- Top Quality Cotton
- Good Sewing Stitch
- Skin Friendly and Fade Resistant
- Soft,  Breathable, Comfortable
- Good sleeping experience.
- 1 x Premium Cotton Pillow Case (Pillows are not included)


Hilton Pillow Bag Suitable For 1 KG Pillow

- BAG Pillow Only
- Size: 74CM x 47CM



✔ 100% original Hilton branded 5-star hotel pillow.
✔ Made with high-quality fine selected goose down .
✔ Light and soft.
✔ Many colors to choose from
✔ Good sleep experience.
✔ Durable & long-lasting to use.
✔ Cold fabric. Naturally Cooling.
✔ With Metal Zip
✔ Naturally absorbent and resistant against bacteria and allergens.

- Price for 1 unit only

【Model】 Hitlon Pillow ROYAL Edition - Double Stitching Gold Sides Linings + Hilton Strass Wording Pattern
【Material】 Fiber with anti-bacterial technology
【Size】 48cm x 74cm (Approx.)
【Colors】Yellow, Mint, Green, Red, Pink, Grey, Blue
【Weight】 1000g
【Limit】Maximum 15pcs in 1 order

【Model】 Hitlon White Pillow PREMIUM Edition
【Material】 Fiber with anti-bacterial technology
【Size】 48cm x 74cm (Approx.)
【Weight】 600g
【Limit】Maximum 18pcs in 1 order


Brand new cleaning tablets for your washing machine.
Using small quantities of detergent and low temperature wash programmer can cause the gradual build up of grease and dirt. Over time, these dirt and bacteria can damage your machine and your laundry. Use these cleaning tablets to keep your machine and pipes clean and free of these bacteria.
Get the ultimate cleaning experience with precision cleaning Suitable for use with all Washing Machines. Designed to penetrate, dissolve and remove odor-causing residue that can occur in all washing machines.

How to use?
1. Put 1-2 pieces of tablet into the washing machine drum.
2. Run for 15 minutes after water injection, suspend the power supply, soak for more than 3 hours (water temperature recommended 40 ℃)
3. clean it according to the daily cleaning mode (washing-rinsing-dehydration).
4. Use a towel to wipe the contents of the washing machine. If there are stains on the inner cylinder, continue to rinse.
5.Package: 1pc (15g)


- 10ml glass amber bottles with easy dispensing euro dropper (dropper inset in bottle) caps. 
- Aromatherapy essential oil providing the balance & hormony of body and mind, eliminate unpleasant anti- viral, neutralize pollutants, moisturizes the surrounding environment and help wound healing, throat and cure bad breath.
- Not for internal use or lip balm manufacturing. This product should not be used undiluted.


Premium Quality:
- Made of high quality Linen blended fabrics
- Durable material, safety,eco-friendly, no intolerable or other pungent odor long last.
- Space-saving design,convenient to take along.

You could simply fold them up when you don’t use it,designed to match interior decor and style in any room in the home or office. Multiple Use:Collapsible Storage Bins are a perfect way to accessorize, organize, and store items at home, office, home office, loft or other dwellings.

Small - 198g
Large - 415g


New formula, high concentration of high-performance glass cleaner. It can be diluted with a small cup and then use, can also be added directly to the wiper water tank. It is on the car topcoat, wiping rubber and a variety of metal without any corrosion, the role of rubber without hardening. It is on the wiper rubber rubber anti-aging function, to maintain flexibility, to extend the service life. Applicable to all models. Ultra-concentrated, easy to carry storage.

Product Descriptions:
Name : Solid Washer Concentrate
Chemical Compositions:
- Citric acid: 0.3% - 0.6%
- Sodium carbonate: 5% - 7%
- Sodium bicarbonate: 3% - 5%
- Sodium dodecyl sulfate: 5.5% - 9%

Toxicology : Non toxic
Size: 20mm (diameter) x 5mm ( Height )

Package included: 1 Unit/1 Biji


- Diameter 4.5cm
- Decontamination
- Anti-wrap
- More than 20 Balls For Better Effect
- Ship out Randomly


- 300pcs(75 pulls x 4ply) 
- Natural bamboo material
- Strong water absorption
- Strong durability
- High toughness
- Size 118mm x 180mm

Good quality facial tissue which suitable for family / home daily use
No breach/ toxic chemical substances, soft and comfortable texture
Thick with Strong absorption & durable structure
4 ply per pull very premium hands-on feeling. Great for wiping off dirt or oil
No losses particle come off while using
Very handy size for home / car/ put in handbag use
More eco-friendly than loose packaging

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- Colorful LED rotating lights
- Can add 1-2 drops of essential oil
- automatic shutdown function
- Mini size but large capacity
- Silent spray without any noise
- Continuous spray and intermittent spray modes

If you received a defective/non functional item, please notify us within 3 days of receipt.
We kindly ask that all items requested for return / exchange has to be in the exact same condition as when you received it, and is in the original box and/or packaging with all tags, if any. Or else KM reserves the right to reject any return/exchanges.



- Humidification
- Aromatherapy
- Touch Control
- Humidification
- 3W Power
- 5V Voltage
- <36db Noise


If your closet is too packed, too full, or too unorganized, you can instantly triple your closet space without the cost of customized closets. Keeps clothes organized and wrinkle free. Ideal for apartments, dorms and downsizing. Easy on and off open design. Each wonder hanger holds 5 coat hangers and holds up to 20 lbs, strong enough to hold 5 winter coats. Perfect for purses and belts neat, wrinkle free clothes. Fits wood, metal or plastic hangers.

- Material : PP
- Size : 33 x 16.5cm
- 9 Hole
- 360 degree rotation
- High quality plastic,strong bearing capacity
- Horizontal and vertical used
- Space saver
- Home Storage
- Suitable indoor cabinet, out door drying clothes and etc....


This item could organize your clothes just got simpler and infinitely tidier. Travel would be so much easier if you could take your dresser with you. Bye bye messy drawers and piles of shirts!

- Plastic
- Size 32*26cm
100% Brand New High Quality


Natural environmental protection, anti-mite and sweat absorption, breathable and hygroscopic, its unique soft touch and high elasticity of latex can conform to the contours of the body, relying on the human spine, making your spine the best straight line without any burden. 

- Thailand Natural Latex
- 35x55cm
- Pillow height: 10-15cm
- White Color
- Good sleeping experience
- Durable & long lasting to use
- Price for 1 unit


- Coral fleece material, soft and comfortable good decontamination effect
- Good absorbent and will remain soft even after wash and dry
- Dry quickly to eliminate much of the bacterial growth so will not get smelly
- Ideal for washing and drying dishes, cleaning counter tops, mirrors, tables, windows etc.

Product Type: Kitchen Cloth
Material: Coral Fleece
Size: 25cm x 25cm
Quantity: Price for 1 unit

We will ship out random mix colors (you may receive repeat colors depends on our color stock availability)


10 color combination cartoon ballpoint pen. Write smoothly! Very recommended! ~

- Plastic
- Press Type
- 1 Pen 10 Colors
- High quality + new


We will post out random colors, design choosing is allowed.
All ready stock post from Malaysia  
Order now to get best price while still available !


Material : coral fleece
Size : (approximately) 33 x 43 cm
- Ship Out Random Color

Thick, soft and good water absorption.
Come with hanging strap which saves your space & easy dry for wet cloth
Multifunction. Reusable.
Not only for wipe hand. Suitable too to wash dish, wipe toilet, cleaning table top, wipe furniture, window and etc

Soft absorbent coral fleece material makes you feel comfortable on hand while using High standard & durable to use for long time.
Easy to wash. No pilling. Colorful in Variant vibrant colors
100% Brand New


Hilton branded 5 star hotel pillow

- Made with high quality fine selected down (Feather)
- Light and soft.
- 1 unit
- 2 height 5 colors for your choice.
- Good sleeping experience.
- Durable & long lasting to use.
- Cold fabric. Naturally Cooling.
- Naturally absorbent and resistant against bacteria and allergens.

【Material】 - Fine selected down with anti bacterial technology

【Size】 - 48cm x 74cm

【Weight】 - 600G / 850G / 1000G

【Price】- 600g RM11.80 / 850g RM13.30 / 1000g RM13.50


Laundry gel Detergent

5 colours Randomly
Colors: Fresh Fruit (Green), Rose (Red), Lily (Yellow), Lavender(Purple), Natural (Blue)

Quantity: 8 grams/unit
Use 1 = 8-14pcs Clothes

1. Enzyme formulation
2. 8 times more concentrated
3. low bubble easy drift
4. Be clean and bright
5. This product is non-phosphorus concentration formula, deep clean, easy to rinse, no residue more environmental protection

Main components: Surfactants, stabilizers, neutrals, dispersants, clothing additives, spices, enzymes, etc.

Instructions for use:
1.Take out one capsule and drop it into the washing machine. Dont cut or rip. The transparent wrap is water-soluble material, it will dissolves in water.
2. Put the clothes in and start the washing machine.

The product is soluble in water and no residue after washing. Do not use ultra-fast mode below 18 minutes



- Cotton + Polyester
- Embrossing Design
- Premium Microfiber
- Soft and Comfortable


- Cotton + Polyester
- Embrossing Design
- Premium Microfiber
- Soft and Comfortable


- Cotton + Polyester
- Animal Printed
- Premium Microfiber
- Soft and Comfortable