Understand How Dropship and KM System Works



What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party (KIME.COM.MY) and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.



How Kime Fashion Dropship Works ?

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What you can expect from Kime.com.my?

1. Packing Slips

We ship every order with packing slips that contain your business information, not ours.
If you want us put it in the dropship order ,Pls contact our customer service to take note for you .


2. Service & Supports

If something goes wrong and your customer's order gets damaged or broken, let us know and we will issue a refund or replacement.
We support our dropshippers from beginning to end.


3. We give the lowest price from the Market

Most dropshippers increase the prices by 45% or more. Consider your baseline commission is 4% and the more you raise prices,
the more commission (money) you will make as a dropshipper!


But please do remember to contact our customer service to upgrade your dropship account then can you enjoy the discount.



Please set your selling price wisely, KM is offering cheaper price for you to sell higher and gain more profit from it.
Your selling price should not be lower than KM's selling price at any other platform.
If KM finds out, your account shall be banned or removed from the system.

Please make your rules on your store remarking that customer are unable to cancel order due to the reason change of mind.
This will affect our operating system as you can refer back to the flowchart above on top.
Once parcel is packed you are unable to cancel your order as well.

Please be responsible at your own risk.



How do I join the drop-shipping programme in Kime.com.my?

Step 1:

Register or Sign in an account with Kime.com.my and Click here get approval from our Customer Service Team .


Step 2:

Find items you want to sell.

Browse the categories or search for items that you want to sell on your website or Social Platform.


Step 3:

Download Products Images
Our site allows you to download our product images to use on your site.


Step 4:

Sell items on your website.

Simply list the products on your site using our product images. 
You can even use the product descriptions we provide.




How A Kime Fashion Dropshiper Complete A Transaction ?

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Kime Fashion Dropship Membership Privileges

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What's the diffrent between Dropship and Diamond VIP?

How to Upgrade to VIP?

Maintain at least 50 orders per month, we shall monitor your sales before we upgrade your account.
 If your sales are decreasing we shall maintain your account as dropship or downgrade your account from vip back to dropship tier.
(online campaign doesn't count, example: 11.11, 12.12)

If you have meet the requirements kindly contact out Customer Service to upgrade.

Kime Fashion Dropshippers Success Stories

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How Kime Fashion Dropshipper Customer Packages Looks Like?

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How Kime Fashion Going To Process Dropshippers Orders ?


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How long it takes for new user to activate their dropship account?

Once you have registered an account from our website, PM via whatsapp  (messages only) us and we will approve your account for you.
Click here to talk to our Customer Service thru Whatsapp.



Does KM provide customer service and/or talk to my customers?

No. You are 100% responsible for dealing with your own customers. You’ll need to build and market your website, handle customers support issues, solve problems and deal with any issues that arise. You’ll act as the intermediary between your supplier and your customer.



How long can my customer receive the order from Kime.com.my?

Once the payment of the dropship order has been confirmed, We will proceed the order within 1-3 working days excluding weekends and public holidays. 
Peak season like Raya, 11.11 Online huge campaign might takes about 4-6 working days.
We will update you the tracking number via email once the parcel is packed.
The time to destination is depended on the logistic. For orders placed after 12pm will be proceed the next working days.
Cut off
 time is not fix due to it depends on the daily orders that we received and how much we are able to ship out.


How long can I hold my order until payment?

Once order placed, you will have 2-3 days to make payment otherwise the order will be cancelled by the system.
This is to avoid stock holding and we want to be fair to every buyer and dropship.

We prefer to place order and make payment immediately so that we can proceed faster,
if not your order will be proceed accordingly by following the date that you make payment.

Example: Order on 01/05, Payment made on 03/05, your order will proceed in 2 days from 03/05.
You are unable to request to ship out your order first, it is unfair to other dropship agents.



I don't have my own waybill, how can I do?

We have Jnt Express and Pos Laju availble to help you. You just need to place order as usual and then select which courier you want to use and make payment will do.
We will email tracking number to you once parcel is packed so that you can inform your customer.
You can check the Shipping Fees at check out, just insert the postcode will do.



How can I know if the items will be restock or has been restocked?

We will publish to Dropship Whatsapp Group once we update the quantity to the system. Mostly the very hot selling items will restock all the time.



How can I get photos of the product?

We will publish every new item listed into Dropship Whatsapp Group together with image link etc. Or else you can also download from our website.



What courier does KM Support for Shipment? (With or Without Own Waybill)

Currently we only accept waybill from Pos Laju, J&T Express and Gdex. If you don't have your own waybill we will ship your order either using Pos Laju or J&T Express (for now mostly we use J&T because their service is faster  and you will received email after your order has been sent out. Shipment to East Malaysia only supports from Pos Laju and J&T Express


I Received tracking Email from KM but no record at courier website.

It is possible KM sometimes will update the tracking to website system once the team has packed ur order (Doesn't Means the parcel already been Shipped, might still at warehouse waiting to be picked up) and it also depends on the time of courier pick up, if they missed it please wait for the next day pick up time.
During peak seasons courier might have some delay updating the tracking system, if your tracking still not found after 2 days please contact our CS to check for you. (Weekends & Public Holidays does not count)


I still haven't received email from KM after 4 days, how do I know if my parcel was shipped?

If you are using your own waybill you can always check the tracking number at courier website. Sometimes KM are unable to key in to the system on time due to high volume of orders when we are lack of manpower. But we always make sure to send out ASAP before due date. If there are delay on shipment KM will always make official notice at Dropship Group.
If you don't have your own waybill please contact KM CS number to get the tracking number.


Can I order from KM Shopee Store for dropship?

Yes you can, the Sender Address will be under KM Fashion. If you order from KM Shopee Store, your order will proceed as our customer and you wont be able to get Dropship Price for the product. You can't request to ship your order first because it is unfair to other Dropship.



Can I order from KM to ship to oversea like Singapore etc?

Yes you can, but you should provide us the waybill for us to send out the parcel. If you do kindly send all the info to our Customer Service and arrange pick up.



My order has been cancelled by system after 3 days, so I placed a new order and how long can Kime ship my order?

It will be proceed as usual from the date you place the order.
You can't request to ship your parcel first because of your own msitake, this is unfair to other dropship.



Can I change size/colors after order placed?

No, this is to prevent our stock imbalance from the system and it will cause our process delay.
Please remark from your store that once order placed you are unable to accept cancellation.
If you noticed you placed the wrong size or color, please place a new order immediately and contact our Customer Service to cancel the previous order.



Why is my order cancelled without getting notice?

Please double check the email you sent us, confirm if the ORDER ID is correct.
If your order ID does not match with the email you sent us, the order will be remark as unfulfilled and will be cancelled.



Can I use KM Warehouse Address as sender?

Yes you can, but if you have return parcel please inform our Customer Service Immediately so that our team can know there are return parcel coming in.
Parcel returned without notice will be remark as deliver failure and proceed as order cancelled.



My Customer receive less item, what can I do?

Please ask your customer to send a photo of the Front Parcel (With Waybill), there should be a writing on how many items is in the parcel.
And also a photo of all items that he/she received. Then, PM our Customer Service for checking and proceed next progress.



My customer received wrong / defect item, how can KIME arrange exchange?

Only defect / wrong item can be exchange within 7 days upon received date. Please get ready this documents with your buyer:
1. Photo of the parcel (Front & Back)
2. Photo of the defect or wrong items received (make sure can be seen)

Contact our CS to get a FREE return waybill and send it to your customer.



My customer want to exchange size after received the product.

Exchange procedure takes about up to 5-7 working days (From buyer return to warehouse until next shipment).
That is why it's really important to ask your buyer to check size before purchase.

Please remember we do not hold stock for exchange, if your buyer has return the items and the size he/she want to exchange has sold out;
you will have to refund the product to your customer as remark "Order Cancel" which means you gain 0 profit by doing extra work.

We prefer you set rules at your store by remark "Items sold are non exchange, return and refundable".



Can I top up and make payment via Store Credit?

Yes you can, you may bank in the amount you want to top up and then place an order by using store credit.
Paying with Store Credit will include Postage Fees, please contact our Customer Service to do system setting on your account.
(We prefer Online Bank In for Placing an Order to avoid system setting on account, this will affect our working efficiency)




How will you receive the refund (credit or replacement)

                     All refund will be credited to your KM Personal account as store credit. The Credit later can be use on your next purchase.
Please do not simply cancel your customer's order as your account will be downgraded if you have up to 8 cancel orders and above.

How to check store credit



Do you have your own waybill?

We accept your own waybill on selected courier which is J&T Express & Pos Laju only. 
We Print for you and no charge at all. We will fulfill the shipping for you. Just follow these simple steps.

Please click here to see our Full Dropship Order Guideline by using your own Shipping Waybill


1. Send us your bank in receipt & waybill in PDF as proof of payment to [email protected]
PM our Customer Service if you need help via  Whatsapp CLICK > +60164191286 (message only) 

2. Remark your order ID in Email

3. Happy Selling~


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